Why Redisc is using Carboteq®

When purchasing a Carboteq, Redisc was sure that refurbished Carbon ceramic brake discs are the same as new ones and that customers will be happy with our service.

Carboteq – Highly accurate wear indication for carbon-ceramic discs.

High-performance carbon-ceramic discs are exposed to extreme conditions such as heat and friction. Although discs are extremely durable under normal road use, they do wear under extreme conditions. To ensure safety on the racetrack as well as in road use, discs must be inspected regularly. Until now, this has been possible in two ways:

  • checking the weight of the disc regularly,
  • or visual examination.

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Why Carboteq was developed?

Using its technological know-how and working with Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes (BSCCB), Proceq was able to develop a device that can measure disc wear. Carboteq is based on laser technology that measures irregularities in the internal structure of the disc.

It is tested and developed in Switzerland and also certified by international automotive standards such as TÜV, NRTL, GS, UL, CE.

  • owners of racing and high-performance cars
  • carbon-ceramic disc manufacturers
  • OEM manufacturers
  • professional repairers
  • and Redisc – a company that rebuilds carbon-ceramic discs.

Here you can find some videos on how Carboteq works and how we are using it at our work in Redisc. Amazing results were provided as an early prototype and were tested with selected automobile OEMs. The biggest achievement was a superiority over the traditional weight loss method (see inset).

Why Redisc is using Carboteq?

The last generation of Carboteq is designed to line laser further enhance positioning accuracy. That means the Carboteq instrument is always placed exactly at the right spot to read the pre-engraved Carboteq value on the brake discs. So you can be 100 % sure of the results. Carboteq has also a spot where you can reset it. This is also important to get the more accurate results when measuring discs and the best part is – Carbon Ceramic discs not have to leave the car. We measure every Carbon Ceramic discs when we receive the discs and when we send it back to the customer. Each Redisc Carbon ceramic discs also get a certificate with all the measurements.

Carboteq® is also an official partner of the Swiss Porsche Club, organizer of professional sporting events.