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ReDisc d.o.o.
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8000 Novo mesto
Registration number: 9117385000
VAT number: 87143321
Subject to VAT: DA
Telephone number: +386 31 561 725
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Main business activity: C29.320 – Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles


Terms and Conditions

All legal relationships between Redisc d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), established through this website and otherwise, are subject to the Terms and Conditions set out on the website in this version, at the time of ordering.

The Customer shall be deemed to be aware of the changes at the moment the change is published on the website. By doing so, the Customer is deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms and Conditions.

If the Customer declares in writing that it does not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract.

The Terms and Conditions are drawn up in accordance with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP) in force at the time.


Drafting the contract

The contract is concluded with Redisc d.o.o., Novi trg 7, 8000 Novo mesto (the Seller).

The prices on the website are for information purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. The Customer is required to submit an enquiry, on the basis of which the Seller makes an offer. By placing and confirming an order, the Customer also accepts these Terms and Conditions as the sole and relevant legal basis for the establishment of the legal relationship.

When the Seller receives the Customer’s order, it is first sent to the Customer for review and confirmation. The communication channel used for this is email. Confirmation of an order means that the Customer confirms the order in writing. Confirmation of an order does not imply acceptance of the order. Acceptance of the order and the conclusion of a contract shall be deemed to be the date of receipt of the used ceramic brake disc (goods) by the Seller at the agreed address. The Seller shall acknowledge its receipt in writing.

If the Customer wishes to do business with the Seller and enter into contractual relations with the Seller, it is obliged to accept these Terms and Conditions in their entirety and in the form in which they appear. The Customer waives the possibility to influence the content, form and individual contractual provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

The Customer is obliged to inform the Seller of all information and facts relevant for the establishment and continuation of the legal business relationship, in particular any relevant information regarding a change in the residence or registered office of the Customer, a change in the ownership structure of the Customer, a change in the legal form of the Customer, the occurrence of a situation indicating the insolvency of the Customer, irrespective of whether the statutory conditions for the initiation of bankruptcy or compulsory administration are met, and other information, events and situations that may affect the legal business relationship between the Seller and the Customer.



The valid prices are those in force on the day of delivery or in the most recent price list. Prices are subject to change by the Seller. Changes to prices are published on the website, If more than 3 months elapses between confirmation of an order or receipt of the goods, the Seller has the right to change the price.

An order creates an obligation to take delivery of the goods ordered. Prices do not include VAT. Prices are exclusive of VAT plus shipping costs.


Delivery time and delivery delays

(1) The delivery period shall be agreed individually upon receipt of the order or set by the Seller upon acceptance of the goods. If this is not the case, the delivery time is approx. 50 working days from receipt of the goods.

(2) If the Seller is unable to meet the binding delivery dates for reasons beyond its control (force majeure), it shall immediately inform the Customer thereof and at the same time inform the Customer of the expected new delivery date. If the service is also not available within the new delivery period, the Seller may justify its withdrawal from the contract in whole or in part; any advance payment already made by the Customer must be returned by the Seller within 5 working days. The Customer must provide the payment details in writing.

Brake discs sent by the Customer to the Seller are second-hand parts with no value. The Seller is not obliged to return them. At the Customer’s request, the Seller may return the used discs, but at the Customer’s expense.

(3) The Seller’s delay in delivery is subject to statutory provisions. In any case, the Customer must inform the Seller.

In the case of delivery of the products, the standard packaging is included in the price of the product, while additional transport packaging and the cost of transporting the goods shall be charged additionally by the Seller at the price set out in the Seller’s price list or at a price agreed upon by the Seller and the Customer.



Payment shall be made by the Customer at the time of placing the order or, at the latest, on the day on which the Seller receives the Goods. The Seller is not obliged to accept the goods for processing before the payment is made in full.


The Seller shall send the invoice for the goods or services ordered to the Customer in the form of a PDF document to the email address provided by the Customer when placing the order on the Company’s website. The invoice is issued after the service has been provided.



The product photos on the website are symbolic. Deviations from these may occur.

The Seller reserves the right to exceptionally withdraw from the execution of an order in cases where the goods/services ordered cannot be performed, if the Customer’s payment risk is identified as increased or if there is a manifest error in the price list. In all such and similar cases, the Customer will be informed immediately of any withdrawal from the contract by the Seller.


Other liability

(1) Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions, including the following provisions, the Seller shall be liable in accordance with statutory provisions in the event of breach of contractual and non-contractual obligations.

(2) The Seller shall be liable for damages in the context of strict liability in the case of intent and gross negligence.

The Seller is not liable for:
a) direct and indirect damage to persons (injury, loss of life, limb or health), machinery and equipment resulting from poor quality of the underlying disc (prior to refurbishment) which could not be detected/detected by standard tests.

(3) The limitations of liability referred to in paragraph 2 shall also apply to breaches of liability by or in favour of persons for whose fault the Seller is liable in accordance with statutory provisions.


Right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the order confirmation within 14 days without giving a reason. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must inform the Seller, Redisc d.o.o, Novi trg 7, 8000 Novo mesto, telephone number: +386 31 561 725,, or, by a clear and unambiguous statement sent by email or post, cancelling the order.


Consequences of withdrawal

Before receipt of the goods (sent from the Customer to the Seller for processing): If the Customer withdraws from the contract within 14 days after the order (or payment) has been confirmed, the Seller will refund the full purchase price to the Customer’s account within 5 working days. The same means of payment will be used as was used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and the Customer.

In the case of delivery of a product (not applicable for the disc refurbishment service), after the service has been provided: The Customer must return the goods to the Seller without delay, at the latest within 14 days of the date on which the Customer notified the Seller of its withdrawal from the contract. The deadline is respected if the goods are sent before the end of the 14-day period. The Customer bears the direct costs of returning the goods. It must pay for any loss in value of the goods only if that loss in value is due to handling of the goods, which is not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. The Seller may refuse the refund until the goods have been returned to the Seller’s address.


Retention of title

The goods delivered remain the property of the Seller until payment has been made in full. The retention of title also applies to new goods produced by modification. The Customer has the right to sell the goods supplied to it in the ordinary course of business. All claims arising from the resale are assigned to the Seller.



In the case of obvious defects, the Customer must report the defect in writing within 14 days of receipt of the goods; subsequent complaints will not be accepted by the Seller. If the fault lies within the manufacturing process, compensation will be provided by repairing the delivered item or by making a replacement delivery of the same item. The Customer can send the item to the agreed address at the Seller’s expense.

Further warranty and indemnity claims are excluded.



When replacing a new/refurbished disc with an old one, it is mandatory to replace the old brake pads with new ones.

Alteration of the goods supplied by the Seller and any other changes to the goods are not permitted. Unless otherwise agreed, the price of repairs is determined after the work has been carried out – estimates are non-binding. If damage is caused in the course of carrying out this work, liability shall be assumed only in the event of gross negligence. In general, any liability is excluded for damage caused by slight negligence.

The content (images and text) is the property of Redisc d.o.o. Copying and exploitation of the content for personal or other purposes is prohibited.

The Company collects certain personal data from Customers. The types of personal data, the purposes for which they are processed and the legal grounds for processing are regulated in the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. Customers can read the Privacy Policy on the Company’s website


Handling complaints and resolving disputes

The law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply exclusively to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or any contract concluded between the Seller and the Customer. The Parties undertake to settle all disputes amicably, and in the event that all out-of-court means of reaching an agreement have been exhausted, the competent court in Novo Mesto in the Republic of Slovenia shall have jurisdiction to settle the dispute.

The Company complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. The Company ensures an efficient and confidential complaints handling system. Any complaint should be sent to

The Company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the Customer within 5 working days of receipt and inform the Customer of the progress and duration of the complaint procedure.